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Cat Lady

Um, I'm not sure what happened. Could you clarify? I mean, you are naming names, so could you just spell out what you heard? And how the older lady played into it?

Seriously, I'm curious.


I name names if I know them on this blog. I don't have a "cheers" only policy. I call it like I see it, Good, Bad, & Ugly.

We'll start with #1 (young lady) She was asking about a yarn and adding mohair to it, she was confused. Lynn was telling her it had mohair in it. She wasn't getting it. Another lady told her it's already in the yarn and Lynn just walked off. It was extremely rude. The lady stood there for a second and then said "I don't believe that she just walked away walked like that I still needed her help." "What's her problem?"
#2 elderly lady
This happened after the above. She was asking about something on a pattern. Lynn's response was...In an annoyed tone. With a exasperated sigh I'll have to go look that up.

No one played into anything. They were just customers doing what customers do at a yarn store.

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